The Announcement of the Coming Meeting

Neuro-developmental Conference

Comprehensive Child Development Service- A Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Families with Substance Abuse

Sharing on Handling of Suspected Child Maltreatment Cases 

Ms KWAN Wai-yi, Anita 

Social worker

Family and Child Welfare Branch, SWD 


Comprehensive Child Development Service - A Multidisciplinary Collaboration for safeguarding the Vulnerable Children born to Substance Abusing Mothers 

Dr Cheng Wai Fun, Anna 


Comprehensive Child Development Service, Kowloon East Cluster


23 February 2022 (Wednesday)

 19:00 to 20:00 pm Online Lecture by Zoom

Zoom login and password will be posted here


Dr Florence Lee, HKCNDP

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  1. Hong Kong College of Paediatricians Accredited Activity: 1 point (A-PP)

    Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists Accredited Activity: 1 point (PP-CP)

     Hong Kong College of Family Physicians Accredited Activity: 1 point (OEA-5.02)

    CME program for non-specialists of the Medical Council of Hong Kong: 1 point Passive CME

     HKPS CE activity approved by DCP and DEP

    ICPHK CPD points: CPD-CP 1 point