Neurology Conference

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Paediatric Neurology Academic Meeting

A Girl With Recurrent Ataxia

Date: 23 March 2022
7 - 8 pm
Speaker: Dr. Alan Lau, Resident, UCH
Chairperson: Dr. Alvin Ho, Associate Consultant, QMH
Zoom meeting:
ID: 967 6691 3638
PW: 523 815
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All are welcome!
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Expert Panel for Neurology Conference

Chemical PathologyProfessor Nelson Tang
Child PsychiatryDr. Luk Siu Luen, Ernest
Clinical GeneticsDr. Ivan Lo
Diagnostic RadiologyDr. Ivan Y. C. Wong
NeurologyDr. Tsoi Tak Hong
NeuropathologyProfessor Ng Ho Keung
NeurosurgeryDr. Dawson Fong
Paediatric OphthalmologyDr. Charmaine Hon

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